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Whittier Alaska Activities

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. During your stay with us you will have a variety of activities to make this a memorable and exciting stay in our beautiful Whittier Alaska. 

We have great fishing adventures with Halibut, Rock Fish, Ling Cod, Cod and Shrimp. You have access to 9 different fishing charters, 6 Sightseeing and dinner cruises. There are 22 different sea birds in our area and you have hummingbirds, feeding, right outside your window.  During your Whale Watching journey, you will see Orca, and Humpback whales. Menke can be seen on most trips, in addition to Sea Otters and their pups. Sea Lion rookeries, Land Otters, Black Bears, Wolverine, and Foxes are common in these parts. Bald Eagles and their nests can be seen around the sound and close to town. We have a total of 7 Glaciers around us and you have access to several Ferry stops per day. Sea Kayaking is also available in our most beautiful and protected waters.

You can mountain climb or take a casual hike. Bike trails are open and ready for you.
Don't miss the great photography opportunities. There are a total of 9 Eateries, Fish and chips, Salmon local caught, fresh pizzas and Ice cream parlors. We also have seasonal berry picking.
Whittier Alaska has something for everyone!

*Historical Museum is worth the stop.   
*Campground along the Whittier Creek.
*Cruise ship dock   

*Free Wi Fi, Free shuttle within Whittier for pick up at ferry train stop and quick tour of
 the town.

We know that you will enjoy your stay with us so give us a call and schedule your getaway today!


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