June's Whittier Condo Suites
P.O. Box 715 100 Kenai St. #1506 
Whittier, Alaska 99693
Office: 907-472-6001
Cell: 907-841-5102

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Beautiful Mountain Views in Whittier, AK
Tunnel to Whittier, Alaska
Lodging in Whittier's Begich Towers

​June's Whittier Condo Suites

Whittier AK restaurant

                   "Begich Towers"

Private Rooms, Condos & Suites in Historic Whittier, Alaska Building

Come experience our Historical two and a half mile (one way) tunnel. The tunnel to Whittier, Alaska was built in 1939 and is the only road accessible way to access Whittier.

Our suites are located in a historical building "Begich Towers", built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1957. The building is composed of brick and steel, making it safe and sound.
The building is ADA accessible with a ramp located on the East end of the building there you will find carts for your luggage and supplies. We have designated parking areas. Our building has overall easy access for our lodging guests.

For our lodging guests we offer a shuttle service, to and from, the train depot, ferry terminal, and cruise line ports within Whittier. Located on the 1st floor you will find a Post Office, Seafarers Mission, Community Church, Country Store, Laundry Mat, Video Rental, Public Safety Office, and the Whittier City Offices.

Things to do and see in Whittier, Alaska include Deep Sea Fishing Charters that include halibut, 4 species of Salmon, Cod, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Shark and Spot Shrimp fishing. Sightseeing tours, that include whale watching (Orca, Humpback, Minke, Bowhead species), glacier viewing, several species of wildlife, sea lions, seals, sea & land otters, sea birds, glacier bears (blue sheen), Sitka black tail deer, and mountain goats.

Sea Kayaking tour packages available. We have several day trip options in Whittier, Alaska. We have several hiking trails for you to enjoy with maps provided!